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An app that helps you learn geometry, algebra, and calculus


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Geometry, algebra, and calculus can become an true nightmare for some students because of their difficulty. GeoGebra is a practical tool that makes learning these branches of mathematics a lot easier.

You can use it in two ways: drawing points, lines, circles, and functions by hand; or writing them in the corresponding math expression. Each element in the graphics in GeoGebra has its corresponding element in mathematical language, and vice versa. Circles around triangles, tangents to a circumference, and derivatives of a function are just some of the things GeoGebra can do.
Android apps to help you with math

As we’ve already discussed here before, educational methods are changing, embracing technology in a much more natural way, although this in turn requires changes in learning methods from a young age. Math has always been an uphill battle for many in the absence of a better method to assimilate that mishmash of numbers and formulas than simply rolling up one’s sleeves and doing exercises to the point of exhaustion. But never fear: we’ve put together a compendium here of apps to help you with math.
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